It’s officially summer, a time to get outdoors and enjoy the warm sunshine, or relax outside with a nice novel. But these warmer months are also a time when you’ll face some unexpected guests in the form of pests like ants, flies, mosquitoes and rodents. No one wants to spend their summer swatting at pests. Read more to learn how to make sure your summer is pest free!

Get Rid of Standing WaterPest Control Services in Multnomah

Standing water is a great attraction to insects and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Every couple of days do a quick walk around to make sure your property is free of any water puddles or excessive water like from tarps or old buckets. Common sources that can often be forgotten about include stagnant water in birdbaths, wading pools and garden ponds.

Check the Eaves

Eaves are the overhanging lower edge of a roof and they are prime spots for pests, especially hornets and wasps. When you first see signs of a wasp or hornet nest about the size of a quarter, you can remove the nest using a hose with a high pressure nozzle. Always remember when removing a wasp or hornet nest they can become aggressive and sting.

Use Airtight Containers and Clean Up

Insects love food even if it’s just a small trace of it. Leaving food out, especially anything with sugar in it can create a serious infestation. Odorous house ants, commonly called sugar ants, are the most prime suspects. The most effective way to ward off a sugar ant invasion is to store your sugar and other exposed kitchen foods in airtight containers. The kitchen isn’t the only place ants love, your bathroom and any other damp areas are also places ants love to go for a drink of water on a hot day. So make sure these areas stay clean and dry.

Maintain Your Yard

Cutting your lawn and maintaining your landscape does not only add curb appeal, it will also reduce your chances of getting any pest infestations. Rodents, like rats and mice, like dense areas because it makes them feel protected and safe. So trim low lying branches and keep your grass nicely trimmed so these rodents don’t have a place to hide.

Store Trash CorrectlyPioneer Pest provides pest control services in Multnomah

If you’ve ever had your outdoor trash cans knocked over in the middle of the night, it was most likely a critter. Critters like opossums and skunks are attracted to the smell. Oftentimes they’ll open trash cans and tip them over, scattering trash across your property. To prevent this make sure your trash is put in the proper receptacle and if you have raccoons, we recommend getting a garbage can with a lock on it.

If you’ve tried these methods and you’re still having a pest problem, or if you have any other pest concerns, our experts with Pioneer Pest Management can find a solution, so contact us today!