5 tips for keeping pests out of your home this fall by Pioneer Pest Management in Portland OR and Vancouver WAIn Portland, Oregon, the autumn season is quite cool. The temperatures have creatures scattering for warm places to stay. Since your home is a source of food and shelter, it is a magnet to all types of critters. Our Pioneer Pest Management experts have recommended five easy tips to help keep your house free of a pest infestation this fall.

1. Examine the Outside of Your Home

The best way to perform home pest control is to examine your house’s exterior. Pests such as rodents and insects can feel warmth radiating from the exterior of a home which draws them to the home.  As they search for the source of warmth, they can and will find tiny holes in walls and cracks in foundations to gain access into your home for the warmth.

If you notice any openings, you should seal them. If you find that you have an active rodent infestation, prior to sealing the opening, the rodents should be dealt with to avoid any additional damage to the home caused by trapping them inside.   It is vital to check your crawl space and attic as well.

2. Seal Doors and Windows

If you have screens on your windows and doors, it is best to make sure that the screen frame edges sit flush in the window or door frame to form a proper seal. It is also just as important to make sure there are  no rips or tears in the screen material.

3. Keep Your Yard Maintained

When you allow your grass to grow high and become filled with weeds, you are inviting pests into your space. As fall approaches, it is important to rake old leaves and twigs and to cut your grass. Also, it is the time to prune your bushes so that they are not touching your home. When your yard is maintained, you lower the likelihood of finding pests in your house.

4. Inspect Your Appliances for a Pest Infestation

5 tips for keeping pests out of your home this fall by Pioneer Pest Management in Portland OR and Vancouver WAIf your washer, dishwasher, or similar appliance was recently installed or fixed, it is smart to check for a pest infestation. As repairs are made, inspect around and underneath appliances for signs of pest activity, such as holes in various pipes or wires entering the wall or floor. These examples are excellent places for critters to sneak into your house. If you find holes, they should be sealed  immediately to prevent pest entry.

5. Be Proactive to Prevent Pests

If you live in a wooded area or a neighborhood that is known for its pest population, you can try setting traps in vulnerable parts of your home. To track critters that are hard to spot, consider installing a video camera or motion sensors.

No one wants to share his or her home with outdoor creatures. Even when following precautions, it is possible to suffer from an infestation problem. This is the time to contact a home pest control company. At Pioneer Pest Management, we have helped residents of Portland and its surrounding cities for over 15 years. To schedule a consultation, call us today.