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Confused Flour Beetle. Indian meal Moth. Pioneer Pest Management outlines 7 Tips to Prevent Pantry Pest This Holiday Season nin your Portland OR and Vancouver WA home
Confused Flour Beetle

The holidays are a popular time for baking pies, cookies, and other tasty treats. But your holiday cheer can become quickly interrupted if you aren’t careful because pantry pests may turn your favorite dry products into their own meals. For peace of mind, use these 7 tips to prevent pantry pests this holiday season.

What Are Pantry Pests?

Pantry pests also called “Stored Product Pests” are a group of pests that are attracted to dry, processed foods commonly found in homes. Products like flour, pet food, crackers, bread, and spices are examples of pantry products.

A variety of pests fall into the category of “pantry pests.” They include ants, earwigs, Indian meal moths, and confused flour beetles.

Indianmeal Moth. Pioneer Pest Management talks about pantry pests and how to help prevent them in your Portland OR and Vancouver WA home

How Can I Prevent Pantry Pests?

1. Use Proper Storage

Store your pantry foods in air-tight containers. Larvae can easily chew through cardboard and paper that most pantry foods come in.

2. Don’t Buy In Bulk

Unless you’re going to use your food product quickly, avoid buying in bulk. Dry food that sits for a long period of time is inviting to pests. So just purchase smaller-sized products and replace them as necessary.

3. Inspect Before You Buy

Oftentimes, a pantry pest infestation is brought into your home through products already infested. Don’t buy food products that have damaged packaging. This also applies to dog food.

4. Clean Up

If you make a mess clean it up right away. Pantry pests, like sugar ants, look for food sources. So leaving spilled sugar on the floor, countertops or shelves will only lead to a pest infestation.

5. Check Dates

Inspect your pantry products’ expiration dates before use and regularly organize your pantry. Toss out any products that have been sitting for a long time.

6. Don’t Mix Products

If you are replenishing one of your dry food products, do not mix it with an old one unless you are positive both are pest-free. In addition, clean your air-tight container clean between uses.

7. Take Quick Action

If you have a pantry pest infestation, take action right away. Throw out any of the contaminated food and clean out your cupboards or pantry shelves, then contact a licensed pest control company, like Pioneer Pest Management. A pest control technician will identify the pest and help keep it from multiplying.