Curious why you seem to get eaten alive by mosquitoes while others avoid getting bit? They’re attracted to a number of factors when looking for a meal. This article will further detail how to make yourself less appealing to these insects.Pest Control Services in Multnomah

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

  • CO2 and Other Chemicals in your breath: Mosquitoes are initially attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. They can sense the gas up to 160 feet away. But other chemicals a person has in their breath acts as a secondary attractant, which may be a reason they prefer you over anyone else.
  • Body Heat: Mosquitoes also like a person who runs a warmer temperature. If you generate heat more than the person next to you, mosquitoes will target you. This includes pregnant women, joggers, and overweight people.
  • Sweat: Mosquitoes need water to reproduce, and are attracted to areas with higher humidity levels. If you’re hot and sweaty, mosquitoes will find you delicious.
  • Dark Apparel: Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing. They actually use their eyes first to target their victim from a distance. People wearing colors like navy and black are more at risk.
  • Drinking Alcohol: Researchers have found that people who drank alcohol had mosquitoes land on them significantly more than people who didn’t. They say it’s because alcohol increases the body temperature and increases the alcohol content in body sweat.
  • Blood Type: Mosquitoes have a nose for blood types too. Female mosquitoes rely on the protein in our blood to produce eggs, and some blood types are more desirable than others. Researchers found people with Type O blood are 83% more likely to attract mosquitoes than any other blood type.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Nectar: Adult mosquitoes eat nectar as well as blood. So if you’re near flowers, you’ll appear to be more attractive to them.
  • Standing Water: Whether it’s a bird bath, wading pool or a puddle, if there’s stagnant water nearby, it will draw in mosquitoes.
  • Tall Grass: Mosquitoes flock to tall grass, weeds and bushes during the midday to protect themselves from the sun. The more that are near you, the more mosquitoes you could see.

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but because they’re a vector pest, they move diseases from one person to another including Zika, West Nile and Malaria. So it’s important to use an EPA-approved repellent with DEET on hand to ward off mosquitoes. If you have a mosquito problem contact Pioneer Pest Management, our highly-trained technicians can recommend a solution, so contact us today!