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Bed Bugs – Frequently Asked Questions


Pest Control Services Portland OR Vancouver WAAll bed bug infestations should be treated by professionals. Trying to solve the issue yourself is tempting, but many of the common suggestions offer no long-term relief and could end up being dangerous for your family.

Can I Just Spray Bed Bugs Myself?

Pesticides are only useful if they are applied precisely and can easily cause more harm than good. Bed bugs are resistant to many common pesticides, and the most effective formulas require a license to apply. Common garden pesticides can be highly toxic if used indoors. Never apply pesticides or other products not designed to be used topically onto your skin.

Can I Use a Do It Yourself Solution?

Common DIY solutions to infestations, like kerosene, are potentially dangerous to touch, breathe and have in your home. These solutions rarely work for more than a few days, if they work at all, and are dangerous in the meantime.

Can I Vacuum Up Bed Bugs?

Vacuuming can provide temporarily relief from heavy infestations, but it is not a permanent solution. The only way to completely eradicate bed bugs is to destroy all of the adults and their eggs. Adults and eggs can be hiding in baseboards, tight corners and other spots vacuums will miss.

If you would like to try vacuuming while you wait for your pest control appointment, keep in mind that your vacuum could become infested. It is best to use a bagged vacuum. If you have to use a canister vacuum, be ready to wash the canister in hot, soapy water immediately. Do not use attachments with brushes or bristles. Vacuum bags and trash bags with canister debris in them should be placed inside another bag, tied tightly and disposed of right away.

Can I Just Get Rid of My Infested Things?

Unless disposed of correctly, trying to throw away bed bug-infested items is more likely to spread them than eliminate them. As infested items are moved from one area to another, bed bugs can fall to the floor and wander into new spaces. Once left outside, neighbors can pick up the items and end up with bed bugs themselves.

Many infested items can be treated and salvaged using heat treatments and other solutions. Clothing can be laundered and dried at a high heat. What is not salvageable must be disposed of carefully and responsibly. Professionals are the best sources to guide you through this process.


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