What is Integrated Pest Management ?

What is Integrated Pest Management? Pioneer Pest Management talks about Integrated Pest Management in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas.
Integrated Pest Management focuses on long-term prevention of pests.

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM is a green approach to pest control. When using IPM, homeowners and pest control professionals work together to get rid of pest problems. The IPM process is an ongoing plan, which uses common sense and natural methods to help control and prevent pests over time.

IPM is a Three Part Practice

IPM is a three-part practice which includes inspection, identification, and treatment.  Homeowners can perform their own pest inspection, but may need the help of a professional to identify pests.

IPM treatment includes good housekeeping, like keeping homes clean and free of debris. Removing clutter and leaf litter around the property can also deter pests. If  non-chemical, natural methods are not successful, then pesticides may be required and should be applied by a pest control professional.

Examples of Integrated Pest Management

Take these preventative measure to deter a pest infestation:

  • Eliminate moisture in and around the structure.
  • Repair all leaky plumbing fixtures and pipes.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in and around the home or office.
  • Vacuum and sweep floors regularly.
  • Trim tree branches away from your home or office.
  • Use sealed containers to store dry food.
  • Keep tight fitting lids of trash bins.
  • Clean countertops and wipe up sugary and greasy spills.

Benefits of IPM

The benefits of an IPM program which include:

  • Fewer pests in your home or office.
  • Less product usage is beneficial to the environment.
  • Fewer pest applications can save money.
  • Reducing the use of products can help beneficial insects.

Anyone who deals with pest problems can use IPM.  If you are interested in preventing pests, use the techniques outlined above. Contact your local pest control company if you need help as they will not only help with prevention, but can use an IPM approach to get rid of pests.

Keeping Stink Bugs Out Of Your Home This Fall

What are these stinky pests?

Stink bugs are insects known as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) that found their way to North America during the late 1990s. It is said that they came to the eastern United States from Taiwan, China, Korea or Japan. With the help of the Agriculture Department’s Crop Research team, new management solutions are being developed to protect our homes and food supply.

Stink Bug Prevention Portland OR Vancouver WA Metro AreaTheir brown shield-like shape and the smelly odor they emit when crushed helps to identify the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. It seems that these bugs are now becoming an annoyance in homes throughout the east coast and spreading further to the western states of the U.S. These brown stinky pests are no longer just an issue for the farmer. They do not harm humans or cause interior damage to structures, but they have become a menace in homes, and businesses requiring Stink Bug Control.

Stink bugs can easily create havoc in and around the home

These pests are trouble. The BMSB easily destroy the ornamental plants around a home. They are very fond of vegetables, fruit, nut plants, shrubs, and other plants found in backyard gardens. The stink bug’s mouth has tiny needle-like projections that aids in their recovery of nutrients from their favorite plants. There are over fifty different varieties of vegetation that attract the stink bug.

Due to the cooler weather and diminishing availability of food and water they will start to look for a place to overwinter. Like many other flying insects, as the weather changes, they look for a warm home to nest. The stink bug will choose to overwinter in your home if they are given an opportunity, and will overrun any home leaving, it smelling like dirty feet.

Be Concerned if a Stink Bug is Spotted…

  • Flying around the living areas of the home
  • Near indoor lighting, light shades, draperies or blinds
  • Around the kitchen or bathroom looking for water sources
  • Near or in the family’s pet water dishes or fish bowls
  • Looking for food near indoor ornamental plants

Preventive Measures to Take for Stink Bug Control

Stink Bug Control begins with an inspection of your property as soon as a BMSB is spotted. Having a licensed pest control expert spray the exterior and interior of the home is helpful. It does not stop there; repeated applications may be required. Checking the exterior of the home for openings, holes, and cracks fends off an invitation to any flying insect who is looking for a suitable place to overwinter. They sense the cooler weather approaching faster than humans. Finding evidence of these pests too late may mean they will be visiting throughout the long winter season. Entomologists suggest avoiding the temptation to step on these pests due to the nasty smell they emit when crushed. Best practices recommended to rid the home of these pests are to vacuum them up or flush them down the toilet.

Remember to Inspect the exterior of the home for:

  • Cracks and openings in the fascia or stucco walls
  • Old and cracking caulking around incoming utility wires, cables, water pipes, and vents
  • Holes in door and window screens

Repairing these items will help keep stink bugs at bay. These smelly insects search for warm areas of the home and can flatten their bodies to fit into the tightest crack. Proper preventive maintenance of the home will keep it that Home Sweet Home.

Pioneer Pest Management Recognized As 2016 Best in Business Winner

Pioneer Pest Management Best in Business Award Vancouver WA Business Journal

Pioneer Pest Management was recognized as 2016 Best in Business for the category of Pest Control Company in the December 23, 2016 issue of the Vancouver Business Journal. The Best in Business Awards recognizes companies and business professionals in more than 80 categories. The list of winners was determined by Vancouver Business Journal readers who cast nearly 3,000 votes for the companies that they prefer to do business with.

Year after year, Pioneer Pest exceeds their customers’ expectations, offering full-service pest management of all manner of insects and invasive wildlife. This Vancouver WA Best if Business Award points to their ongoing commitment toward customer satisfaction and excellent service.

About Pioneer Pest Management

Pioneer Pest Management has been providing high-level quality pest control service to their customers since 2001. They are locally-owned and operated, and serve their customers in the Vancouver WA and Portland OR areas with pride. Pioneer has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award, they are QualityPro and GreenPro Certified, and BedBugFree accredited.

GreenPro Certified Pest Control, what it means for you

What it takes to become Green Pro certifiedgreen pest control services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

You’ll find that we use the phrase “Green Pro certified pest control” a lot, but you may not be sure what that means. In this article we are going to address what the Green Pro certification is, how it is attained, what it means for a pest control company, and finally what it means for our customers.

GreenPro certification, what is it?

To begin, the Green Pro certification was created by the National Pest Management Association, the same organization behind the Quality Pro certification. This certification means that a pest control company:
• Is environmentally responsible
• Employs an environmentally friendly approach
• Identifies and eliminates the source of the problem before using pesticides
• Only uses chemicals as a last resort
A company must already be Quality Pro certified in order to become Green Pro certified. In order for a Green Pro certification to be obtained, a company must employ and exhibit environmentally friendly/conscious tactics and operations.

Who can become GreenPro certified?

As a Green Pro certified pest control company, Pioneer Pest Management is among one of the very few pest control companies to attain this ranking, in fact only 3% of pest management companies are Quality Pro certified, and only a fraction of those companies attain the level of Green Pro certified.
For a company to maintain its Green Pro certification, it must maintain employee standards in respects to proper initial training, retraining, and employee testing to Green Pro certification standards. The company must continually display and incorporate its environmentally friendly pest control strategies.

What it means for our pest control customers

A Green Pro certification means a lot for Pioneer Pest Management customers. It means that we are environmentally conscious, and that we employ environmentally friendly tactics when treating your home for pest issues. We are careful to not use any excess product, and we recognize that an overuse of a product can create unintended consequences. This certification means that we go beyond commitment to great customer satisfaction, it means that we have a commitment to the environment, to our planet, and to the safety and health of your family.

Pioneer Pest Management – EPA Recognized – Integrated Pest Management

Pioneer Pest Management recognized as a Gold Level Member when it comes to Integrated Pest Management

We at Pioneer Pest Management are excited to have the opportunity to participate in PESP. Our company values alternative options to chemical treatments, which we have incorporated in our current Integrated Pest Management programs. We are interested in learning more about reducing the risk that can be involved with pesticide use. We strive to be on the forefront of new methods of approaching pest control that are lower impact than current methods, and believe that involvement with PESP is a great way to help accomplish that goal . We believe that being recognized as PESP members would give our company added value in our minds as well as the minds of our customers. Making the commitment to environmental stewardship is something that our company has valued since its inception. We look forward to using our involvement with PESP in combination with our current protocols to provide the best and most responsible service for our customers.

Pioneer Pest Management recognized as a Gold Level Member when it comes to Integrated Pest Management - Vancouver WA - Portland OR