Healthcare Pest Control – Doctor – Dentist Offices

Healthcare Doctor Dentist Office Pest Control Extermination by Pioneer Pest ManagementA spotlessly clean and sanitary environment is a critical aspect of any healthcare environment – from the multi-building hospital complex to the small office of a local doctor or dentist.

And critical to that sanitation is complete elimination and prevention of pests. Even a single insect in your office or facility can present a health issue as well as put your patient relationships at risk.

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Pioneer Pest Management’s Healthcare Pest Control Program focuses on the specific needs of this industry, implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and practices to provide you with the most effective pest control while taking into consideration the sensitive nature of healthcare facilities – large and small.

Prior to starting any program, we will conduct a full inspection to determine if there are any existing pests present, provide recommendations for exclusion and prevention, and customize the program to the specifications of your facility and practice.