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Crawl Space Services



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Crawlspace Restoration

Pioneer Pest Management offers comprehensive crawlspace cleanup services specifically focused on rodent, nuisance wildlife and general pest cleanup. Crawlspace Restoration

Vapor Barrier Replacement

The vapor barrier in your crawlspace reduces moisture, helping to prevent mold and bacteria that may circulate through your house. Vapor Barrier Replacement

Crawlspace Wildlife Exclusion

Once your crawlspace is cleaned and restored, it is vital to keep pests and wildlife out. We use proven methods of exclusion. Crawlspace Wildlife Exclusion

Crawlspace Sump Pumps

If you are experiencing flooding issues in your crawlspace or basement, a sump pump from Pioneer Pest may be just what you need to treat the problem. Crawlspace Sump Pumps

Crawlspace French Drains

French Drains have proven to be the most effective method in preventing and alleviating crawlspace and basement flooding for those in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. Crawlspace French Drains

Crawlspace Drainage Matting

To maximize dryness protection for your crawlspace, have Pioneer Pest install crawlspace drainage matting. It is the perfect complement to your crawlspace encapsulation system. Crawlspace Drainage Matting
Crawl Space Services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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Pioneer Pest Management takes providing top quality pest control services to our customers seriously. Pioneer is ranked in the top 3% of Pest Control Companies nationwide when it comes to certifications, employee training, and industry memberships. Pioneer is certified by the National Pest Management Association, QualityPro, GreenPro, and has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as being good stewards of the environment. We invite you to read reviews about our services.

Crawl Space Services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR
Crawl Space Services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR


Our business customers range from banks and offices … to … hotels, restaurants, and retail stores … to … warehouse, factories, and, even, churches. Customers from all our service areas—Portland OR, Vancouver WA, Kelso and Longview WA, and the surrounding areas—have sent us written testimonials on their 100% satisfaction with our service and our pest management professionals.


Pioneer Pest Management is one of an elite few pest management firms in the U.S. to have earned GreenPro certification. This certification—earned by a select group of pest management firms who undergo rigorous training and pledge to employ a comprehensive approach to pest management—enables us to provide our customers with an effective, eco-conscious Green Service option.


Experience, Expertise & Unsurpassed Customer Service:
  • Residential Single Family Homes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Condominiums
  • Rental and Vacation Homes
  • Recreational Vehicles and Campers
We also provide:
  • An Eco-Conscious Pest Management Option through our GreenPro Certification
  • A Pest Protection Guarantee
Customers from all our service areas have sent us written testimonials on their 100% satisfaction with our service and our pest management professionals. HOME DEFENSE PROGRAM


In addition to Pioneer Pest Management being a valuable resource in Pest Control services, Pioneer Pest Management has a separate division that focuses on remediation of common home problems and damage caused by the elements and pests. Pioneer Home Services NW specializes in crawl space and attic focusing on keeping these areas pest free through exclusion and healthy. Below you can read a short list of these services we provide.


  • Crawl Space rodent and wildlife exclusion services. Identify and seal off entry points where rodents and wildlife are accessing your home from the outside.
  • Crawl Space vapor barrier replacement. Often when a rodent or wildlife problem is identified, the homes vapor barrier will need to be replaced due to damage.
  • Crawl Space insulation replacement. When wildlife or rodents invade your homes crawl space, insulation will at times need to be replaced.
  • Crawl Space water remediation. Homes in the Portland and Vancouver area can become susceptible to standing water, or water drainage issues in the crawl space.
  • Attic wildlife exclusion services. Squirrels, birds and more can invade an attic through the smallest of openings. Pioneer Home Services NW van help identify and seal these points.
  • Attic mold remediation. Unfortunately mold issues in home attics here in Portland and Vancouver are more common than they should be. If you’re facing mold in your attic area, Pioneer can help.
  • Attic insulation removal and replacement. When wildlife and pests invade an attic, they can leave behind disgusting messes. Pioneer Home Services NW can remedy these situations.

Pioneer Home Services NW provides many interior and exterior services to help home and business owners protect their properties. Call us today to get free expert advice on your particular situation and how we can help you.