Crawlspace Draining Systems Services

crawlspace-sump-pumpsUnfortunately, crawlspaces are known for flooding and consistent water exposure that can result in some nasty consequences. Not only can frequent flooding and water exposure result in thousands of dollars of damage to your home or property, but it can also foster the growth of mold and mildew known to compromise the quality of air within your home. If your crawlspace is prone to water accumulation in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR areas, then Pioneer Pest Management has a crawlspace drainage system guaranteed to dry up your water and moisture issues in a hurry.

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Often times a sump pump system is not enough to keep your crawlspace completely dry. There typically needs to be substantial amounts of water accumulation for your sump pump to become active, making them extremely effective in high flooding areas. A crawlspace drainage system helps to keep the space dry when flooding is not severe. Crawlspace drainage systems typically consist of a trench around the perimeter of the crawlspace where water tends to accumulate the most frequently. However, depending on your particular crawlspace, you may not need trenches around the entire perimeter of the space. Our premier crawlspace drainage system will keep your dirt crawlspace free from moisture and water issues.

Pioneer Pest Management has a drainage system specifically designed for crawlspace flooding issues that is highly reliable and resistant to clogging. Our expert crawlspace technicians can install a complete crawlspace drainage system in as little as 48 hours with minimum disruption to your home or property. Many times our crawlspace drainage systems are installed in tandem with a full crawlspace encapsulation service to maximize long term sustainability for your crawlspace.


Pioneer Pest Management is committed to providing top quality crawlspace drainage system installation and complete crawlspace encapsulation services. With the winter months fast approaching, start your winterization process today and get your crawlspace protected from the harsh elements soon to come. For more information or to schedule your free consultation and quote contact us directly or through our website.