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Crawlspace Drainage Matting Services by Pioneer Pest serving Vancouver Washington Camas Portland OregonTo maximize dryness protection for your crawlspace, installing crawlspace drainage matting is the perfect complement to your crawlspace encapsulation system. Crawlspace drainage matting allows for water accumulation to be effortlessly directed to a sump pump or drainage system. This matting is typically placed over a lined crawlspace floor, and is successful in channeling water where it needs to go. Furthermore, drainage matting can be installed on top of a wide variety of crawlspace floors including dirt and concrete surfaces. For crawlspaces with excessive flooding, there is drainage matting systems designed to accommodate such water exposure. If you are in need of crawlspace drainage matting solutions, contact Pioneer Pest Management today for your free consultation and quote.

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Crawlspace drainage matting works best in conjunction with other crawlspace waterproofing techniques. For the best results, drainage matting should be installed on top of a vapor barrier or lined crawlspace floor. Crawlspace matting is composed of high quality polyethylene that is durable and long lasting. The matting has deep dimples that allow the water to flow freely below the matting to the sump pump or drainage system. Any crawlspace expert will tell you that high quality drainage matting is the perfect complement to any crawlspace encapsulation system. Crawlspace drainage matting will help you keep your crawlspace dry and the integrity of your home intact. More importantly, a clean and dry crawlspace will help ensure fresh air quality in your home for you and your family.


Pioneer Pest Management is available to assist you with all of your crawlspace encapsulation needs in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas, including the installation of crawlspace drainage matting. The high quality matting that we install as part of your crawlspace waterproofing system has proven to be successful in maintaining a moisture free crawlspace. Contact us now for your free consultation and quote today.
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