crawlspace-vapor-barrier-installation-replacementIf you are in need of vapor barrier services in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR areas then look no further, as Pioneer Pest Management is here to provide you with unsurpassed professionalism and customer service. We’re experienced in everything related to your home’s crawlspace, from vapor barrier replacement to rodent and wildlife exclusion work, we can handle it all.


Pioneer Pest Control has a simple method when it comes to protecting your apartment from pests. We begin with an initial inspection of the property to assess the magnitude of the pest problem. This looks for recent pest activity, environmental conditions, and structural conditions. Next, we tackle the issue as needed and defend your buildings from further pest damage using the least environmentally impactful treatment. We then follow up with a consultation in order to communicate what we have found, performed, and how you can supplement our work to increase your protection. Finally, we provide you with a written report for every service provided, including inspection findings, treatments administered, and recommendations given. Additionally, customers can find their report through their account information on our web portal. Reports can also be emailed directly to the customer. This procedure ensures the best protection from pests and insects and is part of our Home Defense Program.

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Typically, pest infestations, especially rodent and wildlife infestations, result in significant damage to your crawlspace. Found in your crawlspace, is a thin layer (6mm thick) of plastic that covers the ground of your crawlspace called a vapor barrier. The purpose of the vapor barrier is to keep moisture from the ground, out of your crawlspace. Without a properly functioning vapor barrier, your home becomes susceptible to moisture that can damage the wooden structure of your home or business. It also prevents mold, mildew, rot and decay from occurring in your crawlspace too.

Black visqueen poly sheeting is recommended as a vapor barrier in your homes crawlspace. Pioneer Pest Management always uses the industries best quality products during vapor barrier installation so you can have peace of mind knowing our products and services are designed to last.


There are many benefits to installing a vapor barrier in your crawlspace or replacing a damaged vapor barrier:

  • Helps produce a healthy crawlspace: a sound vapor barrier with adequate ventilation is imperative for integrity your crawlspace.
  • Prevents moisture from damaging the structure of the property: the vapor barrier prevents all possible moisture issues from negatively affecting your property.
  • Improves air quality: by preventing mold and mildew in the space, which is where much of your homes interior air quality comes from.
  • Helps protect plumbing and provides additional insulation during winter months.
  • Lower energy costs due to energy efficiency: the presence of a vapor barrier helps to regulate the temperature of your property resulting in energy savings.

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