What it takes to become Green Pro certifiedgreen pest control services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

You’ll find that we use the phrase “Green Pro certified pest control” a lot, but you may not be sure what that means. In this article we are going to address what the Green Pro certification is, how it is attained, what it means for a pest control company, and finally what it means for our customers.

GreenPro certification, what is it?

To begin, the Green Pro certification was created by the National Pest Management Association, the same organization behind the Quality Pro certification. This certification means that a pest control company:
• Is environmentally responsible
• Employs an environmentally friendly approach
• Identifies and eliminates the source of the problem before using pesticides
• Only uses chemicals as a last resort
A company must already be Quality Pro certified in order to become Green Pro certified. In order for a Green Pro certification to be obtained, a company must employ and exhibit environmentally friendly/conscious tactics and operations.

Who can become GreenPro certified?

As a Green Pro certified pest control company, Pioneer Pest Management is among one of the very few pest control companies to attain this ranking, in fact only 3% of pest management companies are Quality Pro certified, and only a fraction of those companies attain the level of Green Pro certified.
For a company to maintain its Green Pro certification, it must maintain employee standards in respects to proper initial training, retraining, and employee testing to Green Pro certification standards. The company must continually display and incorporate its environmentally friendly pest control strategies.

What it means for our pest control customers

A Green Pro certification means a lot for Pioneer Pest Management customers. It means that we are environmentally conscious, and that we employ environmentally friendly tactics when treating your home for pest issues. We are careful to not use any excess product, and we recognize that an overuse of a product can create unintended consequences. This certification means that we go beyond commitment to great customer satisfaction, it means that we have a commitment to the environment, to our planet, and to the safety and health of your family.