Close up of two rats on books. Pioneer Pest Management, serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talk about the damage rodents can cause.

Rodents prefer warmth over cold and who could blame them? However, this means once the temperatures drop, rodents may begin to seek shelter in sheds, barns, and even homes. While rodents may appear cute and innocent, they can actually cause a lot of damage and pose health risks.

Rodents Can Damage Your Home as They Enter

If your home is inviting and has the water and food rodents need, they’ll do whatever it takes to get inside. Some will burrow beneath your home’s foundation, while others will chew through your roofing.

Rodents Can Affect Your Health

Rodents are notorious for carrying and spreading over 35 known diseases, such as Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, tapeworm, and salmonella–all of which you can contract through indirect and direct contact. Rodents can also carry lice, ticks, and other parasites into your home, which can spread even more diseases.

Rodents Can Contaminate Food

Another way rodents can impact your health is by contaminating your food and cooking surfaces. These pests are known for their ability to infiltrate pantries and food containers. Their sharp incisors help them tear through bags and boxes, contaminating your food–which is not only unsafe, but costly!

Rats and Mice are Prolific Breeders

Although a single rodent sighting may not be much of a concern, ignoring a rodent problem can lead to a larger infestation. A female rat can reproduce up to seven litters a year, with about 14 rat babies in each litter, while a female house mouse can reproduce up to 150 babies in a single year.

Rodents Gnaw on Nearly Everything

Rodents spend at least 3% of their lives chewing because their teeth never stop growing. They’ll gnaw on insulation, cardboard boxes, books, newspapers, and personal belongings as they work to build nests. Rodents are also known for gnawing on electrical wires, which can pose fire hazards. In fact, it’s estimated that rodents cause around 20% of fires with undetermined causes in the U.S. alone.

Want to Protect Your Home Against Rodents?

As you can see, rodents don’t just cause structural damage. They can impact your health and safety as well. If you’re ready to protect your Portland area home against rodents, give Pioneer Pest Management a call. We have over 19 years of experience providing environmentally responsible pest control. We’ll inspect your home, identify conditions that may be attracting rodents, and recommend appropriate solutions.

How Much Damage Rodents Can Cause in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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