Family enjoying BBQ.

Family enjoying a BBQ. Summer is the perfect time of year to host backyard barbecues. To keep your grilling and socializing fun and pest-free, keep these following tips in mind from Pioneer Pest Management.

1. Wear an Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes are mostly active at dusk and night. If your BBQ is planned for the evening, we recommend applying an EPA-approved insect repellent that contains DEET or Picaridin.

2. Eliminate Standing Water

Drain or eliminate sources of standing water in your backyard such as bird baths or wading pools. Wasps and mosquitoes are attracted to standing water.

3. Avoid Perfumes

Stinging insects are attracted to sweet-smelling fragrances, if you know you’re going to be outdoors for a while, you may want to avoid using scented bath products, lotions, and perfumes. You may also want to let your guests know as well.

4. Use Clear Plastic Drinkware

Open bottles and aluminum cans of juice or soda will attract flies and wasps. Provide your guests with clear plastic cups and make sure they keep them covered to help deter pests.

5. Keep Food Tightly Sealed

In addition to keeping your drinks covered, you’ll also want to keep your food stored in airtight containers. This will not only keep pests away, but it will help keep your food fresh.

6. Maintain Cleanliness

Wasps, flies, and ants are attracted to protein and sugar so clean up spills immediately and be sure to keep your trash can covered.

7. Serve Food Indoors and Eat Outdoors

One great way to combat hungry pests is to keep your food indoors. Simply serve your guests inside and have them eat outside. Just make sure guests close the door when entering and exiting your home.

Experts in Pest Control

We hope your BBQs and other outdoor gatherings are successful this year and if you do have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact your local pest control experts like Pioneer Pest Management. We’ve been providing effective pest control solutions to the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area since 2001. We’ll eliminate those pests quickly and help prevent future infestations so you can get back to your outdoor fun.