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When to Call a Mosquito Professional

PORTLAND OR – VANCOUVER, CAMAS & LONGVIEW WAWhen to call a mosquito professional in Vancouver WA and Portland OR - Pioneer Pest Management

If over the counter products and DIY information hasn’t worked, then hiring a mosquito professional may be the only way to combat the mosquito menace.

A knowledgeable technician will inspect your property and find areas that can be improved upon even after you have eliminated all of the mosquito-friendly areas you can find. They will also have an arsenal of ideas for reducing the mosquito population and keeping it from making a comeback.

Experienced Mosquito Exterminators

As pest control specialists, we have the knowledge and necessary experience to customize a treatment for individual properties. We can identify the type of mosquito, its preferred habitat, and life cycle.

Sometimes mosquitoes breed in unlikely places like rain gutters and under dripping air conditioning units. Depending on the location of the problem and property-specific factors, a professional will have the right tools to bring these pests under control.

Limitations of DIY Mosquito Control

A mosquito professional can provide long-term help in controlling the scourge of mosquitoes around your home. Repellents, bug zappers, and citronella candles all help to treat the symptoms of an infestation, not the problem itself.  While they may provide a temporary solution, these methods won’t bring about control.

At Pioneer Pest Management, we have invested in the best training and equipment to do the job right. We will craft a schedule tailored to your property that will be most effective for reducing mosquitoes.

What if I Have Water On My Property?

Sometimes standing water can’t be avoided. Ponds, bird baths, and decorative features can all quickly become breeding grounds.

In this case, mosquito professionals have specialized briquettes that can be placed in the water that help to control mosquitoes for up to a month. These briquettes are safe for use around fish and amphibians as well.

Pioneer Pest will also identify vegetation being used by mosquitoes for harborage. Thinning shrubs and elimination of weeds combined with professional extermination methods will lead to a significant decrease in the mosquito population.

Pioneer Pest Management Solutions is Your Mosquito Elimination Expert

Finding the right combination of habitat elimination, barrier, and control methods for combating mosquitoes is not an easy task. Advice on low-impact methods and knowledge of the best products on the market are both valuable benefits of enlisting the help of a professional.


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