Girl shocked as she cleans. Pioneer Pest serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about 5 spring cleaning tips for a pest-free home.

Girl shocked as she cleans. Pioneer Pest serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about 5 spring cleaning tips for a pest-free home.Spring is officially here and as the temperature warms up, many pests may be coming out of hiding in search of food. Don’t make your home look enticing to pests! Use our helpful list of spring cleaning tips to help prevent any unwelcome guests.

1. De-Clutter

Here’s another reason to get rid of all of your extra stuff — stacks of papers, cardboard boxes, and other forms of clutter make great homes for pests. To help prevent pests from making homes in your home, keep clutter to a minimum and use airtight containers for storage.

2. Clean Underneath Appliances

While deep cleaning may already be a part of your spring cleaning, we want to remind you of some areas most often forgotten, including underneath your refrigerator and stove. Spills happen, but sometimes that liquid or food you just knocked over will spill in between your counter and stove or flow underneath your fridge. So be sure to move your appliances around and vacuum or mop in those areas. This quick cleaning can go a long way in helping make your kitchen a lot less palatable to pests.

3. Sanitize Your Kitchen

While in your kitchen, you’ll also want to be sure you sanitize all food surfaces. If pests do happen to invade your home, they’ll contaminate your counters, stove, pantry shelves, and cupboards with potentially harmful bacteria or viruses. So it’s important to keep them bacteria-free to protect your family’s health.

4. Secure Windows and Doors

Pests are always looking for ways they can gain entry into your home, so open windows and doors can be an open invitation for these unwelcome guests. Check for gaps in the caulk around your windows, ensure your door sweep is properly installed, and ensure your screens are secure. Sealing off these areas will ensure there are no openings for these pests to gain entry.

5. Clean Your Yard

Over the winter, your yard has likely accumulated a lot of leaves, branches, and other debris. This foliage not only creates safe harborages for pests but it can also create moisture — which is another pest attractant. Remove debris from your property and trim back hedges and trees. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause standing water which is attractive to mosquitos, wasps, and rodents.

By following these 5 spring cleaning tips, you’ll not only enjoy a clean home but you’ll also gain peace of mind, knowing you’re one step closer to being pest-free!