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Things You Should Know About Rat or Mice Infestations


rodents mice rat exterminators pest control Portland OR Vancouver WARodents are well-suited to the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. They have a high reproductive rate and compete well for resources with other scavengers (they have been known to attack other animals such as fish, birds, and other mammals). Mice and Rats can burrow long distances to obtain food and shelter from predators. Most can survive a fall of up to fifty feet, making them fearless climbers and able to travel across power lines and tree branches.

The Importance of Eliminating a Rat or Mice Infestation

Mice and Rats can be vectors for various diseases and bacteria. Rats were historically the carriers for the Bubonic plague, and have been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. Rats are especially problematic as carriers of disease because they so often attempt to live as close to humans as possible (food and garbage/waste provide a major source of food and harborage for rodent populations). Ignoring a rat or mice infestation can put you and your family in danger of contracting various diseases through contact with their fecal matter, nesting areas, or their contact with your family’s food.

Rodents can also cause more basic damage in a variety of ways. They can contaminate our attics and crawl spaces with their droppings and urine; they can chew through expandable foam, electrical wires, and even the wood inside of our homes; they can destroy gardens and eat contaminate food; and perhaps most damaging, they can destroy our peace of mind and sense of security.

Rats & Mice Extermination & Exclusion

Typically it’s best to contact an experienced pest control company that specializes in rodent extermination. An experienced rodent exterminator will not only help you removal your rodent problem, but they will also help determine entry points into your property so these points can be sealed, keeping the mice and rats outside.


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