For many people, spiders are terrifying creatures that would be better off dead. However, what some may fail to realize is that spiders primarily feast on insects and are successful in controlling out of control insect populations. Indoor spiders and outdoor spiders are extremely different. Virtually, all indoor spider species live only indoors. They do not have the capacity to thrive in an outdoor setting. Likewise, most outdoor spider populations only live outdoors. Instead of going indoors during the winter months, like many people assume, outdoor spiders actually become less active or dormant. For the most part, indoor spiders are useful in the home because they eat problematic insects.

Spiders in the Home

Indoor spiders become the most evident during the late summer months, and their egg sacs can be found throughout the home or business, on furniture, walls, and numerous other places. Typically, visible spiders are males seeking out females for mating. More often than not, female spiders and young spiders stay hidden within the walls of a building or property.

Biting Spiders

However, there is a popular species of indoor spider in the Pacific Northwest that has been known to bite humans, and they are Hobo spiders. Hobo spiders are related to Giant House Spiders (which are harmless) and typically grow to be around 15 millimeters. These spiders are known to bite humans and pets alike, which can result in flu like symptoms and epidermal damage.

Another infamous spider known for being extremely harmful, that we come in contact with from time to time, are Black Widow spiders. Female spiders are black with a red hourglass marking on their bellies, and males and young female black widows are black with white markings. Black widow spiders tend to be found in dark places such as garages and crawlspaces. These spiders can be found both indoors and outdoors, making them exceptional survivors. The venom from a black widow spider can cause nervous system damage, and if you believe you have been bitten by one you should seek immediate medical attention.

Spider Infestations

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