Ant walking from leaf to leaf. Pioneer Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about tips for preventing ants in your landscaping.

Have landscaping near your home? Watch out for ants. Odorous house ants commonly nest under mulch, stones, and other debris. They feed on meat, dead insects, and sugary substances. In fact, they prefer honeydew, the sugary waste that’s produced by feeding aphids and mealybugs — which is why they’re attracted to plants.

Although they typically nest outside, odorous house ants may enter your home when it rains, which is a common occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help prevent ants in your landscaping:

Eliminate aphids, scales, and other pests that suck sap

These pests excrete honeydew which attracts ants. If your trees have fruit or blossoms that contain nectar, you may want to consider moving them away from your home.

Keep your shrubs and plants healthy

Dying plants are more susceptible to aphids. In addition to keeping your plants healthy, you may want to remove dying or dead plants.

Avoid using wood

You’ll want to avoid using stumps, railroad, ties, driftwood, or even mulch in your landscaping to help prevent ants in your landscaping. Consider using stone instead.

Don’t overwater

Overwatering your plants can make them unhealthy and possibly attract ants. Make sure you watering your plants specific to their species.

Trim back plants away from your home

Plants that touch or come very close to your home can make it easier for ants to gain entry into your home. Make sure your plants are at least 18 inches away from your home and other buildings.

Expert Ant Control

Although odorous house ants don’t pose any health or structural threats, they are a nuisance to have in your home. So whether you have an ongoing ant problem or want help keeping your property ant-free, a professional pest control technician, like us can help. We’ll inspect your property and apply Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep your property pest-free year-round!