Skunks are part of almost every homeowner’s life, whether in rural or urban areas. Skunks are not necessarily dangerous, but they can be quite a nuisance. When a skunk sprays, the scent can linger for months! Protect yourself and your home by reading our guide to skunk proofing your home.

The risk for skunk infestations is higher in the spring.

Like a lot of animals, striped skunks breed from February to March. They will look for denning sites around this time, typically searching to den under:

  • Homes
  • Low clearance decks
  • Sheds
  • Wood piles
  • Porches
  • Concrete slabs
  • Drain pipes

Skunks will also use the deserted burrows of other animals. If they’re desperate, they will dig a burrow.

After finding an appropriate nesting site, they’ll give birth in late April and early May. The baby skunks will remain in the den site for about 60 days.

How to Get Rid of Skunks: Best Practices for Homeowners

Skunks can be a complicated animal to remove. Preventing skunks is much easier! Here are a list of things to keep in mind to prevent skunks, though they also work to get rid of skunks as well:

  • Don’t feed skunks
  • Keep all pet food indoors!
  • Don’t give access to garbage
  • Keep pet food away from pet door and closed pet door at night
  • Don’t put food in compost piles
  • Secure in compost containers to prevent access
  • Clean up outdoor food area such as barbecue areas
  • Eliminate access to denning sites by making sure the structure has no potential entry sites

Seasonal inspections can prevent skunks.

We recommend seasonal inspections for every home for two reasons: you can discover infestations that are just beginning, and you can prevent potential infestations from finding their way inside your home.

Spring is an especially important time to complete an exterior and interior inspection. We recommend looking for any entry holes, loose screens, broken siding, and other ways animals or insects could potentially gain access to your home. If you’re not quite sure you have the time or the expertise to catch every potential entry point, contact Pioneer Pest! We conduct seasonal inspections as well as scheduled pest treatments.

Call a Professional for Skunk Removal

Removing a skunk requires a special license. You can obtain one as a homeowner, but there are local companies who are happy to perform this service for you, including Pioneer Pest Management! We’ll take care of everything, including blocking the den after skunk removal.