Mole Control, Trapping and Extermination

Mole control trapping extermination serving Portland ORMoles are small rodent like animals that are typically between 5 and 7 inches long. These animals are known for their sharp nails, which seem relatively large compared to their small bodies. Moles are phenomenal diggers and rely heavily on their fore paws to dig the tunnels they are popularly known for. The average mole tunnels about 1 foot per minute, as they dig tunnels they push dirt to the surface resulting in mole mounds. Folks are typically able to identify a mole problem through the manifestation of mole mounds throughout their landscaping. Moles spend most of their time underground and primarily feed on insects. Mole control is important throughout the year, unfortunately, moles are active throughout the year. They do not hibernate. During extremely wet or cold periods, mole activity seems to lessen, however, they are still ’working’ lower levels of their tunnel systems.

Although moles are not usually dangerous, they can be a big nuisance and end up digging up your entire yard. If you are dealing with a mole infestation problem, or think you may be, call Pioneer Pest Management today for your free no obligation quote today. We have the expertise to rid you of your mole problem, whether you live in Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Tualatin areas we can assist you.

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Mole Identification

Identification: Moles are small, short-furred mammals with cylindrical bodies; slender, pointed snouts; and short, bare tails. Their limbs are short and spade-like.
Feed on: worms, insects, and other invertebrates.
Habits: Moles live underground in a network of interconnecting tunnels, thus their eyes are poorly developed.
The Problem: Moles will eat roots, bulbs, and other plant material, but the greatest problem is caused by their burrowing, which dislodges plants and dries out their roots, creates unsightly mounds and ridges in lawns, makes lawn maintenance difficult, and destroys valuable plants.

Common Questions About Moles

How Difficult is it to Remove Moles Myself?

There are a number of different ways to eliminate a mole infestation some are proven and some are not. The most efficient way is to physically catch and remove the animal(s), and this can be a tricky endeavor. Since moles spend a majority of their time living underground, catching them takes experience and patience. There are companies that want you to believe there is a simple, effortless way to conduct mole control and extermination and this is simply not true. The experts at Pioneer Pest Management have in depth knowledge of how moles operate and have tried and true methods resolve your mole problem.

Are There Any Serious Health Issues With Moles?

Overall, moles are harmless. They are not known to attack humans or family pets. However, they are infamous for causing extensive damage to lawns and landscaping. Maintaining a nice yard is a difficult task, and when you add a mole infestation it becomes impossible. Those living in Home Owners Associations must act fast when a mole infestation occurs to prevent being fined for having an unsightly yard.

Choosing an Experienced Mole Trapping Professional

Pioneer Pest Management only employs expert mole control pest specialists with a proven record of superior service delivery and customer service. Our professional pest specialists know how to quickly identify a mole infestation and quickly put a mole control plan into action. When it comes to resolving your annoying mole infestation, Pioneer Pest Management is here to make it a thing of the past.