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Squirrel trapping and removal exclusion in home attics Portland OR Vancouver WASquirrels can be a nuisance here in the Portland & Vancouver areas. When squirrels invade your living space, it may become necessary to contact an experienced squirrel removal expert. Pioneer Pest Management is highly experienced with squirrel removal, squirrel control and squirrel trapping.

Squirrels are small to medium size rodents with bushy tails that can commonly be found outdoors, climbing trees and foraging food here in the Northwest. From afar they can be fun to watch, however they can quickly become a pest for you and your family when they invade your home.

Squirrel Identification

Identification: Native squirrels of the Pacific Northwest include the Douglas squirrel, red squirrel, Western gray squirrel and Northern flying squirrel. They range from 10 to 24 inches in length, with the Douglas as the largest and the Northern flying as the smallest. However the most common urban squirrels today are the non-native fox and eastern gray, both invasive species from the East Coast.
Feed on: The squirrels feed mostly on plant material, but they will also eat fungi, insects, bird eggs and nestlings.
Habits: They will construct nests out of leaves, twigs, shredded bark, moss, insulation, and other soft material in hollow trees, attics, and nest boxes. In urban areas, squirrels mostly nest in buildings and other structures.
The Problem: Squirrels will take advantage of accessible attics, chimneys, basements and crawlspaces both to raise young and escape the winter cold. Additionally, its search for food may bring it to a bird feeder, back door, or a garden containing bulbs. Squirrels are often the most frequently cited wildlife pest and the most preferred wildlife species.

How to tell if you have squirrels in your home

  • Squirrels are noisy little critters. They like to start their day early in the morning, and their activities usually last until the late afternoon. If squirrels have taken refuge in your home, you will likely hear them coming and going from their nesting place. You also may notice chewed up siding which could also indicate a squirrel infestation. It is common to hear scratching from places like the attic and in walls when squirrels are present.

Is it common for squirrels to nest in homes?

  • Squirrels nesting in homes, attics and garages are a common occurrence. A squirrel will typically gain entry into your home by chewing through siding, climbing through vents, or entering the home through a crawlspace opening. They will usually build a nest and begin to store food.

What problems and damange can sqirrels cause?

  • If the squirrel decides to make your attic or garage its new home, it can cause substantial damage by chewing through your insulation and homes wiring. Squirrels are also known for taking over bird feeders and frightening off birds. Additionally, if you have a garden or lawn, squirrels can eat through your vegetation and dig holes in your grass.

What do squirrels typically eat?

  • Typically, squirrels feed on berries, nuts, vegetation, seeds, insects and occasionally small animals including rats and birds.

How difficult is it to remove a squirrel infestation myself?

  • Squirrels can quickly become a nuisance which will make it tempting for you to try and remove them yourself. We strongly encourage you to not attempt to remove your squirrel infestation alone. Laws on squirrel removal vary from state to state, and there are special considerations that need to be acknowledged before attempting to remove a squirrel infestation as some species are protected. Squirrel pest removal is best left to licensed professionals. Here at Pioneer Pest Management, we are experienced in dealing with squirrel infestations and will be happy to help you with your pest problem. Please call us today for your free quote.


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