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Wood destroying Organisms Wood Pest Inspection Reports provided by Pioneer Pest Management Serving Portland Oregon and Camas Vancouver WashingtonStructural pest inspections are extremely important and their value is often times significantly underestimated. Wood destroying pests can severely damage the structural integrity of any building, causing thousands in damage. With structural pest inspections ranging from $100-$300 depending on the size of the property, having this important examination is a no brainer. The most common wood destroying organisms include carpenter ants, termites, wood infesting beetles, and rot fungus. For trusted structural pest inspections for the Portland, Vancouver, Kelso, and Longview areas, call Pioneer Pest Management today. With licensed structural pest inspectors on staff, you can be rest assured you are in competent hands.

Although the states of Washington and Oregon do not require a pest inspection before the sale of a house or property, many real estate lenders do, thus having a certified pest specialist conduct a thorough structural pest inspection is usually needed before approval.

Hiring a Certified Structural Pest Inspector

It is a common misconception that home inspections always include a pest inspection as this is not the case. It is in your best interest to seek out an independent structural pest inspection and not rely on an agent or seller to take care of this important task. In addition, if you can be present for the inspection that would be wise as well. Refinancing loans is also often times contingent on a structural pest inspection. Another common reason for structural pest inspections is evidence of an infestation.  Evidence of a wood destroying organism infestation includes termite tubes, damaged wood, and the continuous appearance of dead insects.


Inspection Reports for Wood destroying Organisms provided by Pioneer Pest Management Serving Portland Oregon and Camas Vancouver WashingtonThe manifestation of a structural pest infestation is commonly related to standing water. Buildings and properties that are surrounded by standing water, or have endured plumbing leaks, are increasingly susceptible to wood destroying organisms as water damaged wood is an ideal nesting place for these pests. Furthermore, properties located in areas with perpetually wet weather are also at risk for wood destroying organisms.



Pioneer Pest Management conducts thorough and comprehensive industry standard structural pest inspections. Property owners are invited to be present for the inspection and upon completion will be provided with a detailed written report of the findings. Pioneer Pest Management has a strong reputation for competence, affordability, and top quality customer service. You are encouraged to contact Pioneer Pest Management for more information about structural pest inspections and prevention.


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Wood Destroying Organisms – WDO Structural Pest Inspections in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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