Are bee’s ruining your backyard fun?

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The long awaited summer months have arrived, and along with the beautiful weather comes the resurgence of bugs and insects who are out enjoying the warm weather too. As wonderful as the sunshine is, bugs can put a damper on summer enjoyment, especially yellow jackets which require professional bee removal services. Many of our customers ask us what the differences are between yellow jackets, wasps and honey bees in addition to how to identify which set of insects you may be dealing with. This article will briefly examine yellow jackets, wasps and honey bees along with information on how to discern which may be attempting to interrupt your summer time fun.

The differences between Yellow Jackets, Wasps, and Bee’s

Yellow jackets are a species of wasp with a reputation for being aggressive insects as they are known to sting people without being provoked. They are full figured wasps compared to other species including paper wasps and mud daubers. The yellow jacket sting is painful, and even more concerning is the fact that they have the ability to sting multiple times, unlike honey bees that die after one sting. Yellow jackets do not leave their stingers behind like honey bees do and this is a good way to tell the difference between the species. In addition, honey bee stings are significantly less painful than yellow jacket stings too, and they tend to have a rounder shape as well. It is important to note that some people are allergic to yellow jacket venom which can be life threatening.

Watch what they do

Yellow jackets are primarily meat eaters however they also enjoy feasting on fruit as well. They reside in nests that appear to look like they are covered in grey paper mache and sometimes their nests are underground. Another way to tell the difference between honey bees and yellow jackets is to watch what they do. Honey bees stay busy collecting pollen while yellow jackets are typically out searching for meat or rotten fruit. Other wasps such as mud daubers and paper wasps, are not aggressive and appear more slender than yellow jackets. Paper wasps live in small, open nests while mud daubers can be found near damp or wet dirt.

Environmentally sensitive wasp, yellow jacket, & hornet control

Recently, there has been much in the news and popular press about the mass amounts of bees being killed due to environmental factors and the negligent use of pesticides. Here at Pioneer Pest Management, our goal is to always provide environmentally friendly bee removal services that do not have a negative impact on the environment. Our privately owned and locally operated company is proud to be GreenPro and QualityPro certified which means we are recognized in the top 3% of pest control companies for being sensitive to the environment. Furthermore, our business is also recognized by the EPA as being environmentally conscience. Please contact us my phone or through our website for more information about our pest control services.


Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Honeybees – Know the difference in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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